Open Letter to Riot regarding the Legacy Cursor

As an 8+ year player of League of Legends, and follower of Riot Games, I'm thoroughly befuddled by the decision to remove the legacy cursor. As I'm sure at this point you've noticed, the overwhelming majority of players who are aware, are against the removal of the gauntlet. I am no stranger to change, my 3 main champions, Katarina, Mordekaiser, and Kayle, have all undergone full reworks and pushed me away from my favorite champions, but I still play the game. I understand the need to remove the old and appreciate your willingness to attempt to replace them (though it doesn't quite fill the hole in my heart). This being said, I wholly fail to understand the decision to remove the legacy cursor. It has no effect on gameplay, I can't imagine it causes any bugs if it's coded in the way i assume it is, and many people still use it to this day. I ask that you not go through with this change as a legacy player myself, I enjoy the final reminder of what League of Legends used to be, confined in a small bronze gauntlet. I understand that some changes are totally necessary, and if by some fringe case it is TOTALLY necessary to remove it, I would appreciate a thorough explanation of the situation that caused my favorite cursor to be taken away. If you decide to do none of these things, I will modify my game files to keep using the legacy cursor because it means that much to me, and it's not an impossibility that I quit the game as a whole if it doesn't work out. I would love to continue supporting your company, but a seemingly arbitrary change like this does nothing but hurt the developer to player connection you've maintained over these years. Patiently awaiting a response, -Nate Wiz Biz
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