Fuck Marry Kill League of Legends Edition

Fuck Talon, Marry Aphelios, Kill Lee Sin? Why Lee Sin? Well you stupid uncultured fuck must have never heard of the crimes of Lee Sin or why he's the blind monk. When he was training to be a summoner, he was quite an upstart. Anyways he basically turned an entire village of people into a formless blob, in endless pain with a monstrous conscience. He decided to light himself on fire so bad he went blind to atone for the horrors he committed, but I don't think that's a proper sentence. He got off too light. First we need to bring him to actual court, and have him actually sentenced because the only thing worse than being blind, is being blind and also in prison. Get him those 70 life sentences, one for every life he condemned to nightmares. Who would you Fuck, Marry, and Kill?
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