Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????

First of all, yes it is. I've made a helpful list of all words that can be considered offensive since there are so many crass and hateful names I've seen around here. If someone is confused as to why these are unacceptable, please explain to them in the comments below. **Your name should not contain:** 1. Drug references 2. Violence/Crime related phrases 3. Animal names (ALL OF THEM ARE OFFENSIVE) 4. Names of places 5. Body parts 6. Colors 7. Some numbers (You know which ones) 8. Some materials 9. Anything referring to s@x(This is a family game, you sick people.) 10. All verbs (don't be ableist ) 11. All adjectives 12. Pet names like Sweety or Honey 13. Names of Other people (Impersonation is a crime!!!!!!!!!!!!) 14. Emotions 15. Scary/dangerous words (Like Spider, clown, or ocean) 16. Easy to mispronounce words 17. Anything that could be seen as depressing or sad 18. Anything religious 19. Anything to do with holidays 20. Foods, medicines or plant names (Don't mock people with allergies) 21. A name of a character who has done something mean/evil (They may not be real, but people who have been exposed to the literature may be hurt by your name containing a reference to a bad guy) 22. Words that have offensive words in them OR sound like they do (Such as cl@ssroom or magazine because it could refer to a f@re@rn) 23. Anything to do with gender or s@xuality 24. Anything to do with citizenship or heritage 25. Anything relating to history 26. Anything to do with money **Acceptable names would include:** 1. Your name (unless someone with any part of your name has committed crimes, been famous, or if it has words in it that are offensive. This would include Richard since when it's shortened it makes a lewd word) 2. Some numbers (please google it to make sure it's not similar to a date that's had a tragedy, crime, or holiday on it) 3. Some natural elements (DO NOT USE ANY THAT ARE HARMFUL) 4. Random letters (UNLESS THEY LOOK LIKE WORDS THAT ARE OFFENSIVE) 5. Shapes are _sometimes_ acceptable Thank you for your time, Sincerely CN- (Edit last name was actually short for cyanide, I'm very sorry and horrified this happened) 0peum7 (Edit 2, name too similar to a drug) New name: 9 (Edit 3, name evoked a curse) Newer name: [ (Formerly known as EndlessDusk0)
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