Was Watching a Popular Dota 2 Streamer

Admiral Bulldog, who was complaining about the new hero, Grimstroke. I’m his eyes, grimstroke has too many mechanics compared to other heroes. Grimstroke has a line skill shot q that deals more damage the more targets it hits. His w is a single target silence that refreshes if it lasts the full duration without the silence being stopped. His e hastes an ally and causes them to erupt into an aoe stun after a while. His r forces two units to stick together and causes any single target abilities to hit both of them at the same time. This is an “overloaded” champion in dota 2. It really made me realize just how bad the machanics creep is in league. Some champions in league have simple one sentence abilities, like blitzcrank, while champions like ekko require paragraphs to explain their mechanics. Hopefully riot learns how to reduce the crazy mechanics creep that this game possesses, and learns to control themselves and their designers with this, as it has already begun getting completely out of hand.
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