Why autofill is one of the worst systems riot has implemented

Autofill was announced mid season 6 and since it was added,a lot of players were unhappy about it,and for good reasons.This system works by randomly assigning to a random lane.Most of the time it's going to be support,the most least desired lane by many players.Autofill was added in order to drastically reduce queue times but when you look at it,it's an extremely flawed system that has more cons than pros and it's the root for a lot of toxicity,frustration and disappointment.Here is why: 1.Autofill makes climbing significantly harder because it puts you and the rest of the team at a disadvantage.How many times have you seen your top laner ''inting'' during the first minutes of the match?Maybe he is having a bad game,maybe he is doing it on purpose or perhaps he is actually an adc main who got autofilled and has little to no experience playing this lane,at which point it won't be too much of a difference.How many times did your adc cried about his support for losing the lane?Perhaps that support is a top lane main who got autofilled,and so on.The point is,it forces you to play a role you are not familiar with and you are doomed to perform bad or be next to useless.At this point,it seems like riot wants to make the game harder so you play more. 2.Autofill is NOT FUN.If for all reasons,I don't like playing other lanes aside from jungle and top,why should I be forced to play them?Oh yes,because fucking shorter queue times baby.Seriously,does anyone enjoy playing a role they don't like against someone who pretty much mains that role?Is it fun to get stomped in lane by someone who only plays that lane and afterwards get flamed by your team?Is it fun for your jungler to lose objectives camping your lane so you don't get behind or worse,lose it?Is it fun for your enemy to win this lane without much skill whatsoever?Maybe.Is it fun to be dead weight for your team? 3.Autofill causes a lot of toxicity and some players even troll when they don't get their desired lanes.It can happen to you,it can happen to others and there is no denying that an autofilled player will get flamed by his team most of the time because of his underwhelming performance,to the point where that player may give up or flame back.To me,it happens 90% of the time,I will get flamed by my support and the rest of the team If i get autofilled as adc.The adc will call me the worst of insults and shatter my desire to play this game if I get autofilled as a support.Sure,I could mute them but it's pretty discouraging to play role you aren't good at while your team has a bad opinion about you.And this happens to other players as well,and remains a prime cause for toxicity. 4.I don't know if this happened to any of you but it has happened to me on many occasions.During the champ select the player who got autofilled will ban your champion or your team's champion and troll pick,usually with soraka jungle,forcing you or someone else to dodge.Funny thing is,it happened to me while I was in a promo and I couldn't dodge,I begged someone else to dodge but no one did and we lost that match which btw,was flame and troll fiesta.And another thing to add,autofill can actually increase queue times because a lot of players may choose to dodge.This has happened to me when I encountered 10 dodgers in a row,and I was simply pissed beyond belief. Now,let's look at autofill's pros: 1.Shorter queue times. (duh) 2.You may be at an advantage if the enemy team has autofilled players.(Which feels disgustingly unfair) But,you may say ,,Just learn support and stop crying about it,scrub''.Thing is,learning a role I don't like is not fun,takes time and it feels like shit that you have to learn it just because this system exists. You may downvote me all you want,but that won't change the fact that this system does more harm than good.
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