Mind games part 3: Shaco clone

Shaco is considered as the master of mind games. Here’s a mind game you can do to your opponent. You notice that each time Shaco uses his Q,R or the Jack in the box ability there’s an orange puff of smoke visible in fog of war that is intentional and betrays your presence. Here’s the trick, for early/mid game mostly. You go in and out of bush 3-4 times, enough to possibly catch the curiosity and attention of your opponent who will farm. You place a Jack in the Box in the bush. You repeat the 3-4 times in out routine. You enter the bush this time and you use your R. Keep yourself inside the bush and repeat the in/out of bush with your clone. Doing so, your opponent will think that most probably you have placed another jack in the box in the bush. Now move your clone as you wish and decide the right moment to attack before it explodes. Tried it? Leave feedback.
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