seriously wtf

i am trying to complete this asinine msi quest day 8 with the vision score which is rlly annoying bc i play only aram and cant do it there so im relegated to playing bots matches. I do one and get a score of 13 and get credit for one match, I do a second, get a score of 11 and get no credit. Honestly if youre going to shaft people with bullshit quests at least make sure that their completion criteria are consistent. I have proof of completing two matches with a score above 10 sitting right in my match history and yet here my quest sits half finished and now im forced to waste more of my life grinding this terrible task just to proceed to better quests. edit: convinced this is broken. Just played another and got a score of 15 but it still didnt update. edit2: after waiting a logn time after my third match the quest finally updated, very poor quality overall.
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