[UNPOPULAR OPINION ON BOARDS] Let’s not beat this male sexism thing into the ground, okay?

I understand that in principle, what Riot did at Pax was wrong. And it was an act of sexism. But I’m strictly against false equivalences, and as such: being told you can’t enter an event for a few hours out of the day because you are a male is nowhere near as bad or comparable to the systemic sexist culture against females that took place at Riot for years. You can dislike Kotaku and denounce them as biased all you want, but Riot did not really deny any allegation made against them and more or less confirmed most of it to be true by saying they would address it. The way the other Rioter responded was also trash and this was endemic of a culture that doesn’t police itself properly in regards to Rioters flying off the handle, not an anti-male culture (this isn’t new btw, rioters lose their shit and keep their jobs all time time; just play with them in solo queue). Let’s also be honest, there wasn’t nearly the same level of outrage here about sexism against women, which is pretty curious and ironic but that is another discussion entirely. Let’s remember when and how this all started and keep that in mind, because Riot has a lot more explaining to do still than simply covering for a bad PR stunt and a rogue employee who couldn’t stay off Twitter.
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