blue essence and the new lvl system for long term players

Im playing this game since 2010 and had a great time sofar. at some point (around 2013) i had all content unlocked by playing the game(maybe payed 10 euro once) when the chests got implemented and all that stuff i was realy happy with it finally smth i can unlock,collect etc. now to the point. With the implementation of blue essence all i get is championshards of champs i already own wich i can convert into blue essence wich i can do nothing with. the blue essence shop opening once a year is a joke tbh and the loot system is boring as hell now. i would like to see a permanent blue ip shop in general. noone says it needs to be cheap make the stuff realy expensive for ppl that unlocked everything.The loot system as of now is boring,not rewarding and might aswell not be there.
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