Riot's "Our First Steps Forward" article worries me immensely.

tl;dr: Riot throws massive amounts of buzzwords in their article that don't really mean anything. Even then, particular buzzwords they use suggest that from now on Riot will care more about **looking** good instead of **doing** good. From reading tl;dr you're probably thinking that I'm going to throw shit at Riot for not adhering to modern social standards enough, or doing so offhandedly. You're wrong. I'm a consumer. I shouldn't have to care about any imaginative """diversity""" or """sexism""" problems Riot faces. But I'm forced to, because in today's world, forcefully "improving" diversity inside the company means nothing but lowering the quality of the product we as consumers receive. There's only one diversity a company should care about. Not diversity of race among its employees, and definitely not the diversity of their gender or ideologies. It's the diversity of thought. I don't care in the slightest if the people who sell me a product are majority male, female, white black yellow of whatever the fuck. I do however care about them thinking about how to provide me with the best product possible with the diversitive ideas for how said product should be produced. In the article you say that you were listening but, who exactly? Pissed off verbal minorities who dont even use your product and only care about stirring drama for the sake of getting useless internet fame points? Because that's the majority of people who gave you shit. This entire thing started with a Kotaku article. A fucking Kotaku article. Which, on the side note, didn't even provide meaningful sources, basing the entirety of itself on "anonymous voices". Hell, the literal first line of that article states that the person article talks about was sacrificing her entire career life to promote females into leadership positions, which is one of the most sexist things i've ever goddamn heard. And no, former employees talking garbage about the company are not a valuable source either. In fact, the entirety of this article sounds like it's being written directly to these salty-ass people who dont give a shit about your game. In some way it would give me a reason to feel calmer about this entire situation, knowing that bending over to them just for the sake of getting them of one's back is a viable strategy, but I can't trust you in the slightest that it won't affect your product. Not with the way you were handling it. (For a good example on how to apologise to stupid people properly, look at cd project red and their cyberpunk 2077 twitter account. They literally said "sorry you were offended". It's not an apologise but a kick in the fucking nutsack, and i couldn't love cdpr more for it). You say you'll hire people to look over the diversity (whatever the fuck you actually mean by it at this point) in your company. Hell, you're hiring a "Chief Diversity Officer". I swear to god i wouldnt come up with more useless sounding position even if you paid me for it. You also mentioned that this person will be held accountable only before a literal CEO, meaning, he or she will be getting a bitchload of money for nothing but looking at your hands, ironically increasing the toxicity and distrust between your employees and your "higher-ups". But now for the hands-down most atrociously disgusting part of the entire article. I'll quote because interpreting those words makes me genuinely sick. >We are prepared to make big changes and have begun taking action against specific cases, including removal of Rioters, This is bad. This is really bad. This is absolutely tragic. You want to fire people on the premise that other people got offended while providing no evidence. I can't even figure out a way to describe how disgusting this is. How low do you have to think about your employees to promote such a thing. Can you imagine how impossibly, stupidly toxic your company will become? Every single person, no matter how high in the corporate ladder, will be scared shitless about some random ass-hat chief fuckin diversity officer looking at them in a weird way. And god forbid they will actually try to speak out about it. What is it? Honest opinions and concerns spoken loudly instead of staying quiet and gathering complains just to throw all the shit at once after leaving the company just to turn it into ruin? IN **OUR**, MODERN, DIVERSE RIOT GAMES? NO FUCKING WAY SON. In the end, I suppose I'm just scared. Scared that the company i fell in love with and considered applying to multiple times bends their knee to overblown statements and triggered people who just like to be mad. I'm scared that those actions, those hirings, firings and changes will make Riot lose focus. I'm scared that this entire situation will shake the fundamentals of this company before it even makes it's second game. I really dont want to see Riot fall into ruin for the sad pathetic sake of making undeserving, overprivileged people happy. I love Riot, League and its Community. I've never played a single game in my entire life longer or more fervorously than this one. I really don't want to see it die. And right now, I can see a tightened noose. Somebody out there just waits for an opportunity to kick the chair. Stay strong.
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