Morgana is banned frequently, but still feels underwhelming when available.

Morgana {{champion:25}} is banned **pretty frequently**, cause the **rationale is her black shield (E) is broken** and denies engage. But Morgana's kit other than the shield is frankly just... **underwhelming**. Her **Q is so slow** with almost all the new champs coming out having dashes and multiple mobility spells. To add to that, if you miss her Q you are basically out of the fight due to **long CDs**. Her ulti is just as easy to escape and she has to be in harm sway - high risk questionable rewards. Is there any way to balance her out so the rest of **her kit is a more engaging play style**. It seems unfair to underwhelm the rest of her kit for having a black shield. PS: I secretly hope, to see her as a viable mid laner again but alas too many champions with dashes.
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