the LOL Crafting system Is a nightmare.

Let's start with the client: don't load the Crafting Half the time and when he does it's very laggy. The system itself is Ridiculously stupid, forcing you to click multiple times just to craft the simplest things, For example: level up capsule opening. _go to loot =>click on capsule =>click open =>click add to loot 1-4 times =>go to champions section =>click on champion shard =>click disenchant =>click disenchant again (X1-4 times)_ **that's 20 clicks, just to have your goddamn capsule convert in to blue essence!** that shit take me like 5 minutes Because of the lag And now for my favorite part! The reason this system exists: to give skins/champions/champion lvl 6-7, **which no one would complain if you just give them in a small message that say "Hi here is your thing"** BUT NO! YOU WILL MAKE ME CLICK 20 FUCKING TIMES JUST TO GIVE ME SOME BLUE ESSENCE! WHY CANT I JUST GET THE THING! JUST GIVE ME THE LVL UP JUST GIVE ME THE SKIN! THAT SYSTEM IS SO GODDAMN STUPID! Anyway, I had to come here and blow up some steam... I've been converting snowdown tokens in to key fragment for half an hour now, and i still need to forge the stupid keys, one by one... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} don't tilt from crafting, and have nice day.
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