Yasuo is a trash champ

I think Yasuo needs to be completely taken away from this game. He lacks any skill base other than "skill-shotting" his q, (which he can get every 2 seconds). It's also incredibly stupid to be able to play this champ bot lane as ADC and tower-dive two people with Zerker Greaves. I would like to be able to use my ban against any AD I feel like not playing against, not a freaking mid laner that can completely take me out of the game with boots. He gets a freaking shield just by walking in circles... REALLY?! Maybe keep him out of a freaking squishy based lane where you can't even AA him because his shield is 2 miles long, so he glady sits there and 2 AA's an ADC under tower while you are completely useless, only to either get away or suicide to the tower. Seriously..... You can't even freaking CC him to maybe get lucky and get the kill off a turret shot because his shield blocks pretty much everything except a tower shot. ..........................................................
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