The honor system could be improved

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post about this, because if some particular changes were made, I think the honor system would be a lot better and that it could really help. Here's what I think about it : The main problem is : it's **slow**. If it was **more reactive**, I think you could actually learn form it in a way you can't with its current form. The thing is, it's very hard (if not impossible) to tell when you've been doing well or bad honor-wise in the last few days / weeks. What we'd really need is a kind of** progression bar**, that tells you if you're getting less or more honors than usual. **Stats** could be added too, telling you things like how many honors you have per game as an average, relative to others, and the same with reports. That's the kind of information I would've liked to have when I dropped from honor 5 to honor 0 with a 14-day ban. If a **warning** popped up after 1-2 games saying "**You have been reported a lot in the last few games. Be careful, as if you continue to behave like this, you could be punished**", that kind of situation would happen a lot less. Basically, it should be a lot **easier to go up or down in the honor levels**, about as much as ranked, and it more info should be given relative to your honor. Please let me know what you think of all this, _Mopoii_
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