[Procrastination] League and Productivity (I Want To Do Other Things)

This is not an attack on Riot Games or League of Legends community. This is just a self-help spiel for people who feel like they are wasting time and are actually miserable while playing the game - even though games are designed to make you happy. League is an addicting game. Even when it isn't as fun as when you first started and, sure, changes make it a little more interesting than before every now and then. It's become a way for people to just go on autopilot after work or a lethargic day. It's become routine and we even realize how big of a time sink it is. The thing is, it truly is a major time sink and it really drains away all the time we promise ourselves to spend doing. We make a commitment to lessen the hours we play - to finally do the things we are striving to do besides playing league. But we end up wasting the day again and feeling worse for ourselves - and our coping mechanism? more League. It may not be a choice we take pride in but we end up playing just out of the routine. I stopped playing League near the end of the last year, and I find it's pull on me considerably weaker than before - I don't see myself playing it in the near future or for the rest of this year for that matter. However, this is because I made a stronger commitment than the rest of the times, for this isn't the first time I've gone on and off playing league. Some of you may be thinking why I'm posting this and hanging around the forums if I've really lost my commitment to league - Well I felt like it would be helpful. Stuff and What worked (and didn't) for me - **Lessening the Hours you play - Did not work** for me**.** Every time I play I always find myself playing an extra game or playing for the rest of the day postponing and reworking my commitments in the excuse of not playing at all tomorrow or the day after etc. In the end, I continue to play back to my usual amount. SO, gradually decreasing playtime didn't work. **I had to make a commitment to stop playing "cold turkey" and then keep it up**. It takes quite a bit of time to lose the desire to just casually play - because its that easy just login and play - so what you do is - **UNINSTALL.** not as a joke like how people might always taunt you to do. Literally, **uninstall**. However, that's not only it. Many times have I uninstalled only to be lured back into playing it after seeing new content or news of its updates and other changes that come to it regularly. Yes, everyone who plays League is likely to use the internet as well haha. Youtube. People who play league, no doubt know what Youtube is. If you've ever watched League content before, it naturally appears in your recommendations. Even when not playing league, I find myself watching League related content and this leads me back to playing once again... **I urge the people who wish to become more productive to stop watching League related content in order to get it out of your recommended lists.** Among other things, Friends also lure you back in. They play the game as well and you play together. What's more to be said? In this case, it is up to you whether you find it more fulfilling to use your time playing with them or desire more strongly to do something else. But, if both of you played the game long enough, you might be in the same boat where you both are wasting away your days. In this case, it might be better, because both of you can make a commitment and keep each other in check to do other things. At the end of the day, we have made it a habit to procrastinate and spend our time "wastefully" in some opinions, after we stop playing League we pick something else up - most likely watching memes and stuff and Youtube, which will then maybe take up the same amount of time you spent playing League. But here is the difference - In Youtube, you have the choice to stop watching in the middle of a video. In League, you have to commit to the end of the game or the surrender checkpoint. Although still using time up, you have more freedom now. What is left is to **start doing what you actually wanted to do** instead of being locked in procrastination and a feedback loop of self-depreciation over your laziness and wastefulness of your time. Well, it might sound ranty, but I actually hope this helps anyone out there (even though I probably didn't say anything very concise or particular). I've been stuck in that loop for a long time and though its been fun, I've played for a long time. It was time to move on to other things and It just wasn't as fun as before - and a lot of other things out of the game were now suffering because of it. **Like I've said before, this is not an attack on the community or league or whatever. There is nothing wrong with playing League to stave off other sad feelings and just relax. But, I have to point out what a big time sink it is and that it may not be the best game to use as a breather - It is a competitive game with a varied community if you know what I mean. Simply put, I just want people to be happier than they currently are. This is to the people who are not getting the happiness they seek while playing, miserable while playing it. League might still be a fun experience for you and maybe you are better and can manage your time appropriately so you can keep being productive while playing the game. But it wasn't the same for me, I procrastinated a lot and ended up wasting the day on League alone - no exercise, no productive, a whole lotta nothing. ** **TO RECAP: ** Legit make a Commitment to Stop Playing Entirely. Avoid Content Outside The Game like from Youtube etc.. Convince your friend and yourself to stop playing together (lol this really sounds like some secret plan to attack or damage riot games now - but its not) Start doing what you want to do - Legit Start. I've made Excuses and Rationalizations, and continuously postponed what I wanted to do out of moody lethargy and nonsensical, unreasonable confidence that I can catch up and get up to speed if I just try hard enough (which is not even likely - change doesn't come easy and trying hard from the get-go will make you tired. In things you want to do - it is gradual and you can only try hard when you are comfortable in your routine = = = Though maybe I'm wrong -> Haha but look who is talking someone currently procrastinating~). =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Well, that was more than I was meaning to write. This was very whimsical of me and I'm done here. I just wanted to drop in and make a little spiel in hopes it would help someone out there. See, If you are having fun then that's great, but if it's just not as fun as earlier and you want to do other things then yes Im all for it in supporting for you on that other thing if it makes you more happy. I will perpetually root for you if it gives you that smiley face instead of a sad face and thats enough said ya? Cheers and have a nice day and some good luck in the future as well. ~Procrastinator desperately trying to change - forgive me for the terrible grammar and punctuations and whatnot.
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