My account got hacked and now is perma banned.

Dear Riot, My account was played on the 6th of july. I hadnt played the game for a couple of weeks or 1.5 months. I did log in and wasnt changed or anything, but all the sudden all my setting were changed. I noticed it when i was in game with mates of mine (Baftek and Dorkazard). So i thought lol have i been hacked? And when i did watch my match history i saw i had 18 games played that day... But those games werent played by me. Now a week orso later i wanted to log back in and saying that my account is perma banned due prohibited third party software :O! I would love to get a respond cause i have been playing LoL and other games for years and never used anything illegal. The only thing i managed to get is a silence due my salty behaviour once or twice 2 years back i believe. Now due a person playing from god knows where i get perma banned for it. If the game support can look into changing password i did immiadtly change my password that day after i noticed that my account was played on by someone else. Luckily someone didnt thought of changing my account info while playing on it the same day. I certainly hope it can be fixed since i do have a lot of money build into the account with skins and other things :( Kind regards, Callnopex.
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