Shit Ranked System

So, just lost first game of placements for jungle due to an inter fuck teemo top lane who kept shoving and getting ganked and then was confused. Like ???. Then, I go to the end screen get placed fucking silver 1, and my mid plat 4 0lp gets fucking demoted. Like Riot every new thing you add to the game makes it worse. This game is fucking dead and is just getting worse every fucking day. So many fucking glitches and overtuned (or undertuned) champions. Please, reconsider the fucking new ranked system cause having my mid on plat 4 while getting fucking inters everygame on off roles actually just fucks the game. No one wants this shitty fucking positional role ranks so either fix your champs of the ranked system. I don't want to get fucking put with silver 1 players in my g3 top lane and get demoted mid for losing a shitty fucking promo game for an off role. I don't really care about any replies saying, "oh dude maybe you should just stop p[laying if the game is dead" or some shit like that so please don't bother cause your probably an inter yourself, and e-girl stuck in plat elo that literally doesn't know macro or micro, or your just someone higher elo than me who is the righteous loser who sucks off riot :) memes are welcome tho pce.
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