If you're at honor 0 when season 9 begins, is there any reason at all to play ranked?

I've been reading up on how season 9 will work so far. - Season is divided into three splits. You need to play in all three splits to earn the end of season rewards. - You earn points in the splits by playing as long as you're honor level 1 or above. Also, when honor resets at the start of the season, players below honor level 2 remain where they were. That's how it was last season. So, as I'm understanding it, if you're honor level 0 when season 9 begins, you won't be able to earn points during at least the first split most likely _(unless you marathon the game to get enough honor to climb back to level 1)_, which I take to mean that you're not going to be able to earn the end of season rewards _(which by Riot saying you need to participate in the three splits, I assume means you need to earn split points, which again you can't do if you began the season at level 0)_. It just sounds to me like you may as well not bother with ranked next season if you're below honor 1 at the season's start _(since unlike last season where you could climb back to honor 2 to get your rewards, here you have 3 months to get from level 0 to level 1. I don't know how long it takes to get that far, but I imagine it's still a fairly involved process if you aren't playing a bunch of games daily)_.
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