Have you ever woke up one morning and say Hmmm I'm going to go Ivern mid. I bet you haven't but let me tell you this, Its legit the most broken thing i have ever seen in the game. First off Ivern can get a damage boost by going to the enemies red buff and its simple as left clicking waiting 5 seconds and then smiting it WOW you got the enemy's red buff! now after that you now have a damage spike so after that be sure to first get W on Ivern it will spawn bushes which you can stand in and have a long range attack! The second thing you get is your E so you can Bubble your self from a gank! Then lastly your Q where you can root grab an enemy and they are stunned activating it again will pull you towards them so u can do massive damage with your red buff. I have to say Ivern mid is the most OP thing in the game! Any thoughts?
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