I kinda miss passionate rioters, getting tired of these "stat" responses.

I remember years ago on the boards we had tons of rioter responses about the state of the game, about how they were enjoying some aspects and how they werent enjoying some other aspects (Xin release meme). They wouldn't say "Well I can't answer that because we don't have enough statistics on it yet" , they would just tell you how they felt about the state of the game. For example , whenever they answer a question about damage creep, it always seems to be a response "I don't have enough data to answer that question yet, will tell you when i know. Like god damn it, I dont care about the stat. Tell me how you the rioter, feel about dmg when you yourself are playing the game. I'm not sure if you even play the game anymore, or if your just looking at statistics all day. //rant
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