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Dear Riot, and my fellow summoners. Hello, my name is Lacranion, and although my presence might not be was well known as say Redmercy or Pants are Dragon, I still hope that this message goes out as such. In recent, our dear game developers have come under fire by Kotaku, in an effort to discredit them and to make it seem to the public eye, like Team Ninja, the creators of the Dead or Alive series, are sexist against women, and are racist to anything but white cultures. To make a 200 page thesis statement into a legible page, I will say this: Kotaku simply lied. To make it evident, all of their allegations within the article were backed with quite literally only word-of-mouth citations. In other words, no evidence. Not a single shred to be seen. For example, one of the allegations was that there existed an email chain that was seen by a so-called "fellow employee at Riot" none of which have names, which might be out of request, but it becomes suspicious when absolutely zero names are said. The email chain was allegedly containing the, well, "carnal desires" of employees and let us leave it at that. Now, if when reading this, a current employee would like to verify such things, I would be most pleased, however, if none appear, it returns to innocence. As far as I have been able to gather, all other consecutive allegations follow suit, claim, no evidence. Riot, bless their souls, have tried to hold on, but slipped. And in this, have made a sin: At a PAX panel they hosted, only women and non-binary people were allowed in. On the surface, this seems fine, however, think for a few seconds, and it becomes somewhat questionable. "_Why have only those parties attend, when most of the people who know Riot aren't those. Furthermore, why not have everyone attend, because that's not only how true inclusiveness works, but also, more people learn._" I believe Riot will do the right thing, I have had that faith in them since mid-late 2015. In short, Riot, please, listen to the actual fans and summoners, not a few article writers that are just out to make you appear bad, and coerce you to make changes that true fans, like myself, will despise. With hope and love, Lacranion
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