To the people who are Saying Season 9 is the worst season and calling it worse than season 8

You guys are delusional . If you think want to circle jerk then go ahead , but DON'T call it the worst season In what world Season 8 was better ? Just a reminder , in season 8 we had : - Irelia and Akali were at their strongest , imagine after all those nerfs and people still calling those two champions broken , then what about the season 8 versions ? Did you know that Irelia made a whole Rune ( Sudden Impace ) get nerfed just for how broken she was ? and no don't bring winrates , Akali had low win rate even at her strongest when she was newly reworked and people actually called her weak back then lol . - Banner actually existed , and it had it's own meta , Just buy banner and take Baron = free win , I even saw Qt and Shiphtur actually duoing and just bought banner with the whole team and 5 Banners vs 5 Banners wasn't that weird. - Towers were much weaker than now , Baron at 20 = the enemy won. - Kha had his Invisibility in bushes when R evolved and could run the whole jungle in seconds. - Imagine that Electrocute had double it's current damage for most of season 8. - Talon meta with Tiamat that just roams insanely which had to get his W and Tiamat cost nerfed . - The first 3 or 4 Months It was a stupid adc meta combined with runes reforged. - Things like Wukong just pops out of nowhere stealthed and 1 shoots you thanks to lethality. - We had {{champion:142}} pre nerfs lol - Jhin running at faster than Sonic the hedgehog , Jhin with rageblade had tons of AD , catch him if you can. - Conquror . - We had {{champion:104}} Meta - Viktor Tank Top lane. - Funneling , {{champion:11}} + {{champion:44}} and my poor Taric got nerfed thanks to it - Enchanters shields were lasting 5 or 6 seconds , {{champion:117}} would shield you forever with enough CDR - {{champion:81}} Broke Klepto and caused it to get nerfed many times , {{champion:81}} Jungle was something you WILL NEVER wish to play againt . - Runes reforged was something new , which caused a lot of metas and lot of other things that I can't even remember .. Even things Like Soraka maxing E with scorch was so anti fun , it wasn't that broken , but it was so much anti fun , it stole the champion's identity . Season 8 was basically , lose a fight , you lose the game , it was the ugliest and worst season , is season 9 great ? no , but stop , it's no where compared to season 8 that I'm weirdly enjoying the game so much now , if you going to circle jerk then sure , but stop saying season 8 was better than now .
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