Pyke gold generation with ULT has to go for fairness purposes

Since supports struggle to generate gold these days through the reduced gold if you kill too many minions and the fact you no longer gets charges of your item after 1000 gold, I think it's about time the guy who generates 600 gold for himself and 300 for someone else gets his ULT buff reverted. The core idea of his Ultimate was for him to be able to kill steal and function as a support-assassin through snowball, without actually affecting other carries by taking gold away. In spite of disliking Pyke as a champ, I agree with this implementation. He needs to make up for not having the greatest and easiest to use base kit by having snowball power and be a damage threat. However, since S10 changes, every other support that doesn't go full damage cannot generate gold through sheer supporting after laning phase. You have to go for kills and be a carry or else you fall way behind relative to everyone else. With Pyke you can have others do your biding and just collect 600 gold by pressing R. As a not very good Pyke player myself, it's exactly how it works for me. Even when playing bad, I still finish the match with great stats and gold. And it's not just raw stats, I actually have the same impact as the opponent support without doing anything special. His 600 gold Ult is a buff he got for free. They nerfed solo lane Pyke by making E not damage minions, yet because solo lane Pyke got nerfed they HAD TO BUFF him as support, right? Now it's time to revert that change, it's senseless in the current environment of League.
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