I thought one of my accounts got hacked, riot support's response is to ban my main and my backup.

About 3 days ago i had reason to believe one of my league accounts was hacked. So i contacted riot support LIVE Chat. The guy in the chat, said he was going to redirect me to the "Account Recovery Team". Here's the kicker, IT TOOK 2 HOURS, so I had to awkwardly talk with the guy until a member from that team joined the live chat. So the guy sends me a wave of questions to verify I'm the creator of this account right? Email Address? Got it. Date of Birth? Got it. Names of Refunded Champs and or Skins? Got it. Location of where the account was registered? Got it. First content purchased with RP? Sure? My current IP Address? Got it. What was the newest champ or skin when you first started to play? I think i remember... What where you gifted and who sent you them specifically? Got it. First 5 champs you ever bought? Lemme see here... Got it. "Okay next we're going to go over some billing questions, we cant discuss billing over chat" ok... *Rioter Leaves Chat* So uh.. I waited 2 hours... I get a email that's sent to me half an hour later about a ticket being opened will the full extent of the questions, except this time its a different rioter typing to me. Since my main suddenly got locked I decided to prioritize my main account over my smurf, cause now i cant even play league whatsoever without making a new account. So I have to re answer all the questions again right? Here they are. "Hey there! P***B**r here stepping in for Z***ma. So we can only assist the original creator of an account, that means we'll need to ask you some questions to verify you! Once we got you verified as the account creator, I'll be able to help you out further. I know you may have answered some of these in chat, but any repeated questions will give you a chance to take some time and think things over and provide any extra context. Easy Difficulty - Account Username (what you log-in with): - Account Summoner name (your in game name): - Platform you play on (NA, EU West, EU Nordic & East, OCE): - Your current IPv4 address (Use http://whatsmyip.net/ to find your IP address): - Date of Birth: Normal Difficulty - Original email address used to register the account (take a couple of guesses!): - Any other email addresses that could've been used to register account: - Do you still have access to this email address? (Yes/No): - Location where the account was registered (City, Country): - List of all possible locations where the account has been played (City, Country): - What was the newest skin and/or champion released when you started to play? (List of Champs) - If you have received or sent gifts, please tell me what it was and who sent it or received it: Hard Difficulty - Name any refunded champions or skins: - First five champions ever purchased on this account: - List of all locations where you purchased RP (City, Country): - Email address linked to PayPal account: - Any pre-paid RP card PIN numbers: - The first 6 digits, last 4 digits, and expiration date of any credit card(s) used to purchase RP: - Any transaction or confirmation numbers received via email for this account: Since we are asking for some sensitive account information, I'm going to be hiding your replies in this ticket to make sure your information in the ticket is secure. So once you reply, don't be surprised if your message is hidden shortly afterward: this is normal, but I can still see what you wrote! Looking forward to hearing back from you, Thanks!" So I answer all of them to the best of my ability and memory right? I get re greeted with this: "Hey again, Thanks for giving as much information as you could, I know some of those are pretty hard to remember. I took a second look at your info and I'm having a tough time verifying you as the original creator of the account based on the answers that you gave me. We're pretty cautious about account security, so we want to make sure everything is in order before recovering to anyone. We aren't able to disclose what information you got right or wrong. But could you possible go through your old emails to find some older store transactions?" So i check my email, I scroll through the list and send him like 8 different riot point receipt codes right? NOPE NOT ENOUGH FOR RIOT. I STILL DIDN'T GIVE UP. So I went and dug deep and sent more receipts. Still not enough. He even acknowledges that I had access to the account but it wasn't enough to prove it was my account some how. He sends me this now: "Hey again, I appreciate you providing some of those transaction ID's and tt does look like you had access to the account, but I simply couldn't verify you as the original creator. Because of that, I won't be able to recover the account back to you." WTF, DO YOU WANT MY BLOODTYPE TOO? This time i send more Receipts and other locations that i accessed the account from. So I send him them all. NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAN STILL NEED MORE INFO! "Hey again, I'm sorry for this situation but I simply couldn't verify that you created the account. Like I said, a lot of the purchases that you provided are too recent to verify that you created the account. Providing recent RP transactions does prove that you had access to the account as of recent but not necessarily that you created the account." I refuse to give up on my 10 year old account. It's more than just 10, it has skins, champions, runes, friends, memories. HeY AgAiN, "Hey again, I'm sorry but I just took another look at your information and sadly, I could not verify you as the account creator. Since this is the case, I will be closing out this ticket now. You did indeed provide that information to us but I won't be able to disclose whether you got the information right or wrong. Like I said, I'd suggest going through any old email accounts to find older RP transactions for the account since the billing info you provided is too recent to verify that you created this account. Other than this issue, I hope you have a great night" The Rioter Gave up on me, my account and the ticket, I even sent him more information that i was in the process of remembering and he even REDACTED the text, that's how I KNEW he received it and READ it. But he didn't even respond this time. He just closed the ticket... It's funny, this report was supposed to be about one of my smurf accounts, but what ended up being locked due to "suspicious activity" was my MAIN, and my SMURF. I even tried to clear up the confusion between both accounts and specified which was the one i was suspicious of. I WASN'T EVEN MAKING A REPORT ON MY MAIN WHATSOEVER. THIS IS BULLSHIT RIOT GAMES. I'm about to rip my hair out.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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