Display Drivers Uninstalling Themselves Aren't A Troll

GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 397.55 | NVIDIA
This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 397.55 that addresses the following: - After driver installation, Device Manager may report Code 43 error on a few GTX 1060 cards models. - Netflix playback may occasionally stutter. - Added support for Microsoft Surface Book notebooks.
Most people missed the memo. On 25 April, 2018, Nvidia Corporation released a new display driver (397.31, most likely the latest one that shows up when you open GeForce Experience right now). Since then, everyone with Windows 10 would have to re-install their display driver or roll back to a previous one every time they woke up or came back from a 4+ hour break from their PC - essentially, after the system was left idle for an extended amount of time on Windows 10, the display driver would automatically just... delete itself because of a system-presumed lack of necessity for the files. For 10 days, until the time I posted this, I've had to do this every time I woke up, and it's not a joke. Probably everyone with an Nvidia card and Windows 10 has been having this problem, and it's led to a lot of accidental abandoning, reporting, and remaking of games probably. Just a PSA - this isn't a troll. Yes, all these people who abandoned the game before it even started had a fatal problem that prevented DirectX from starting and thus weren't able to actually get into the game. Their display drivers didn't exist. This also causes lag in the launcher, by the way. lol So on 3 May, they released a hotfix. The thing is, the API for driver updates being pushed to GeForce Experience is apparently broken, so the "latest" driver that displays in there isn't actually the latest. It's the broken one that uninstalls itself on Win10, as well as on all other OSes causing video playback stuttering and the like... But NBD, Nvidia. It's not like this is something most gamers and/or YouTube content creators, graphic designers, and just casual normal people with a computer and an Nvidia card would actually find absolutely imperative for their experience. How did a goof like this actually slip out, and when are Nvidia going to fix their GeForce Experience display driver update API? Anyway, hope you guys found this helpful if you've been having this problem. See you soon. Peace.
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