League will not be around in 2020

Before you flame me for saying this about your game let me just say with all my accounts combines I have over 8,000 game in League. I love this game but, it has huge flaws. Some flaws are honestly super easy to fix. But instead of fixing the game and interacting more with the community their making more skins and advertisements for their dying game. I know Lol fans get super butt hurt when someone says the game is dying but it is. At least in NA. Why would anyway stream League when they can play other popular games to get famous. Toxicity is a huge problem but the report system is god awful. Someone can be super toxic but not swear in chat and they will not get banned. Someone can feed in low elo and not get banned because the bot cant tell if the player is feeding or just actually bad like the silver player he is. In higher elo its just worst with boosting, win trading and toxicity. Other companys do a better job with toxicity imo. CSGO probably doing the best. Balance is a joke. They make a champ op just for the hype or hate. Idk im just rambling. What are your problems with the game? And what do you suggest to make it better? Or you can just comment hate thatll be fun too
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