Guys I need your help to stop being considered toxic | JT14YOU | Day 1

Btw, JTW14YOU means Journey To 14 Year-Old Utopia, because it seems like younger players really don't like bs & stuff. Anyway, I'm honor 0 right now (I got chat restricted a few days ago). On my record you can read going from honor 5 in s7, followed by a 14-day ban in preseason, after which two 10-game chat restrictions and most recently one for 25 games. I'm a Draven main. Low elo but kinda smurfin. So, tell me when you report people, tell me why you don't like toxic players (which I really don't mind), why you don't mute people who annoy you etc. You see, I need INFO ! I'll be glad to reply and post more of these. Short start but it'll go on <3 Mopoii {{champion:119}}
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