This game is going to shit and i cant stop playing it because i love the champions

But riot has earned my hatred for being pathetic and catering to the dark money grab tactics. First of all, i hate how slow riots actually changing things, and i hate how they STILL are not changing damage. We see no and i seriously mean it, we see NO SIGNS OF RIOT DECREASING DAMAGE. The boards is basically a graveyard for the angry souls riot has screwed over. I hate how stupid you can snowball and how much damage there is in the game now. FUCK ITS NOT EVEN THE DAMAGE its our health and defenses. I hate that nearly all champions are rendered usless when an enemy is fed, or the other way around. Its like you HAVE to get fed and snowball or your champion is going to get killed under turret fast. Im at a loss of words for how this game has turned out and im glad players are leaving, especially because of how hard it is to leave. I feel like i have to get my main account banned to stop playing this game i dont know how to fucking survive anymore. Those of you who say farm under turret are idiots because you obviously play the 2 safest farming under turret champions or you never had a snowballing adc OR OR any assassin or tanky bruiser finish you off under the turret with ease. Leave while you can new players, don't fall victim to this horrible game its only gonna get worse from what i can see. Riot even said they don't care about the boards anymore so yeah that's really fucked up, but you know whats even more fucked up? The people who defend riot, who defend damage, defend snowballing. Kudos to you trolls. I love reading the posts in the hot section because they are so true. You should all read them, read all of them because it clearly highlights the horrible cancer in this game.
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