So according to Riot Blaustoise, Zed's gonna be getting a mini update soon... but there's a twist

Riot Blaustoise on Twitter
SUBJECT: Let's just announce the Zed Rework BODY: Players suspect that Zed is actually a girl, so let's release the rework before things get too crazy. Patchnotes below: Lore Update - Zed is now a girl Death Mark - Death Mark's cooldown now resets on champion kills H M M M M I, for one, am not actually too fussed about this change. It's a *little* dissappointing, if true, that the one *human* male assassin is getting changed. Not sure if they're joking. But hey, i'm willing to wait this one out and see if its good or bad before jumping to grab pitchforks and torches. H O W E V E R! Blaustoise is known for trolling, and seeing the whole ult-resetting thing seems to tip this to the 'Hmmmmmmm' zone. Thoughts?
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