Why You Are All Manbabies (Not Actually All Of You, Not A Riot Support Post)

So I've been unable to access this forum and read anything but rage filled circle jerk abomination threads for a few days. Truly the opposite of pleasure. This is apparently due to the fact that the majority of the forum's users take offense to being called manbabies and being excluded from an event designated for non males. Is Riot wrong for doing this ? Maybe. Is everyone mad at this indeed a manbaby? Yes. Heres why. In a room full of gamer dudes, I'm fairly certain many non males will be uncomfortable. If you've ever noticed, which you probably haven't, men are disgusting and have little regard for the comfort of people around them, whether this be at a concert or club or public event. I feel bad for women that play this game that have to deal with the lust for e-girls or cosplayers and all the patriarchal discourse that spawns from it. Not only is Riot themselves in question for providing women with a poor environment in their professional workplaces, but the gamer community itself is also in question for just being plain cishet and annoying. You literally can't stop finding some reason to "quit the game forever or until X Y Z" and this time it's because Riot made an event for non-males only ? Well now. Leaving the history of patriarchal oppression aside for now, men really just can't come to terms with the backwards institutionalization that they have ruined the world with. The second you get excluded from something you have to moan and cry forever. This is immediately following the colonization of many lands and cultures that were destroyed, a historical oppression of non white males; this is a society designed for you to be a groomed man baby. Meanwhile, theres places that non- cishet white males can't go anywhere near just for the fear of what will happen because of it. Is riot the worst gaming company on earth simply because they wanted to siphon and target a certain community for one event, once ? For just attempting to give women and nonbinary others a chance to immerse themselves in the game without thousands of creeps breathing down their necks ? I could literally go on but it comes down to privilege and ignorance. {{champion:28}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:498}}
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