Dodging in ARAM's shouldn't be so easy

I've been getting increasingly frustrated lately with how often people dodge in ARAM's. I get it, you didn't get an "ARAM OP" champion so you don't feel like playing that game, but that doesn't mean you should just dodge. Almost every single game I find myself cycling through 5 or 6 queues and champion selects, only to have someone dodging at the last second every time. It's supposed to be a quick game mode, yet - because of this - you sometimes end up spending several minutes just waiting for a single game, with the total time spent on one game nearing or crossing the time it would have taken to play a game of SR. I don't know if there even is a way to improve on this issue, but personally, I feel like players should be punished more heavily for leaving ARAM's, at least if they do so frequently. The 5 or so minutes of downtime you get now is in my opinion nowhere near enough to dissuade people from leaving. I'm pretty sure this has been brought up on the boards before, but I would like to hear what people have to say about the matter, as I'm sure I'm not the only non-"ARAM account only" player getting frustrated by this. EDIT: Thank you all for your feedback. In the light of your feedback: I was perhaps a bit rash to be jumping to the punishment of players dodging. I agree, it should be more Riot's responsibility than the players. ARAM has been incredibly favourable for ARAM only accounts and specific champions, and that should really come to an end. I also don't quite agree with the supposed "nerfs" and "buffs" to champions in ARAM, where they simply change a percentage of damage. This disregards any kind of synergy between champions, or the strength of an individual champion or ability in a 5v5 brawl. Good examples are Veigar's E and R, with his E covering most of the lane and having incredible zoning potential, and his R still oneshotting an important team member based solely on their HP, no need for Veigar to have built AP. Another is Anivia's ult, which she can cast pretty much infinitely in front of her tower to completely keep the enemy team from pushing, making them force fights under turret or wait for the wave to push out towards them. I know people have been begging for Riot to open up all champions for ARAM, and I think this would be the best solution as well, but it seems Riot just won't listen, or at least be willing to try it. This would probably decrease the number of dodges though, with players knowing the enemy is just as likely to get a "bad" champion. I'm also on the bandwagon when it comes to having bans returned to ARAM, which improved the game mode significantly in my opinion. The argument that it dragged out the time needed for an ARAM is invalid if you ask me, at least, if you do not consider people dodging when their favorite champs get banned. The idea of having at least one reroll at all times is pretty good in my opinion, though I think you would still need to have all champions unlocked then, considering this might otherwise just favor people with ARAM only accounts, who have lower chances of rolling an undesirable champion. As for the idea on keeping the same champion after dodging, that would probably be effective, but I think it would end up causing more frustration than anything. I also want to shift my perspective more towards Riot here and refer to my previous conclusion; that publishing players is perhaps not the best route to take. All in all, you have given me some food for thought. Once again thanks for the feedback.
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