Top lane picks in draft need to be grayed out

There is no other lane that loses as hard as top lane simply because they have to pick for their opponent. There are counters in every lane, but none of them are as bad as top lane. If you get countered in that lane, if your jungler camps or not you will not be able to win that lane. Having to pick first then picking something like {{champion:36}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} etc. because you actually LIKE the champs immediately results in your getting fucked by a range champ or one of the impossible to beat champs like {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} who rely on being countered in order to do anything to do them in lane, otherwise they're just gonna beat the crap out of you without any hope of you being able to fight back. Really irritating having first pick in ranked and asking someone to switch only to get a "nope" because they don't wanna be "counter" picked. Forcing me to pick someone i'm actually good with and can play then finding out oh wellp now i'm fucked because they picked {{champion:85}} and I picked {{champion:54}} and now I either have to 100% depend on my team for the early-mid game till I can farm up AFTER i've been bullied all lane or dodge. Top lane is a freaking joke right now
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