Help me make a decision fam

I am sitting at solo/duo diamond 5, 0 lp and its been like so for roughly 25 days or so. The system says i have 3 days left until automatic lp decay. knowing that the season 7 ends on the november 7th ,,, and by the time when my 3 days grace period ends it will be on november 6th which means i will get some penalty for a long term inactivity in rank for just a day worth. Should i play a rank regardless of my current lp to avoid the automatic LP decay or should i just wait until season 7 to end hoping that i wont get automatically demoted down to stinky platinum 1. btw i have lost 2 games in a row at 0 LP prior to my inactivity in rank. Please tell me what your perspective and suggestions ! thank you
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