Well i'm quitting

Well you see. I was happy for a long time through out the game. How could I not be? I just got a 8 game win streak. Everything was going fine until I lost. I shrugged it off, you can't keep a streak forever. However, I then lost again and again. I like to get off for the day when I get a 3 game losing streak so I don't tilt. The next game I play and lose again and again and again. Great 6 games in a row losing. I stop playing until later and I lose again and again and you get the point. I proceeded to lose 11 games in a row and I can happily say its still going. I have not ended the losing streak nor do I think I will. I'm hoping I can lose enough to the point of where I reach my milestone and complete my MSI challenge. After my MSI I can finally rest knowing I didn't waste money on that pass and can quit this game for good. Losing 11 times in a row is not fun I can tell you that. More so when your 1 mission away from completing your 20th mission for MSI. So that's my story.
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