IMO, it is difficult to assess the Gameplay properly because of lack of Pro-play voices.

I don't need to remind everyone how the Gameplay Subforum is literally the biggest ranting meme on the LoL boards, and for good reasons too. Many, MANY posts are just low effort, rants or biased in favor of a champion or it's demise. The fact that over 3/4th of the community is silver and below doesn't help too much because most of them don't play competitively and others don't explore the full depth of skill. However, I don't think that ELO has something to do with the community's bad touch for Gameplay Discussion. I think it's the lack of proper, frequent and detailed comments about the remaining 1/4th who are above Silver. Those people play serious. They play to be good and to win. Fun alone often isn't enough for them so they learn to understand the deep mechanics and all functions as well as strengths and weaknesses. Only problem is that the only ones who effectively speak up are the arrogant minority who are responsible for creating rank-shaming. When's the last time you have seen an In-depth review on the Gameplay that showed BOTH a champion's Best and worst and made analysis and suggestions based on those? That goes double for the highest skilled players, most of whom are content makers. When's the last time you saw RedMercy be serious about a champion? When have you seen Yomuus offer a proper explanation to a game where he makes one of his off-meta trollbuild? I think Gameplay Knowledge would be much easier to grasp and Bias would significantly decrease if the people who actually understand the game would voice themselves seriously again. Last time you have seen proper reviews dates as far back as mid-season 7. Since then it's only been "OMG THIS IS SO BROKEN 100% NERFED SOON" or "JESUS THIS IS SO WEAK GOD HAVE MERCY BECAUSE RIOT WONT! BUFF THIS". Yeah, it won't solve the problem entirely. Bias will still be a thing, people doing low effort shitposting over Gameplay design will still be a thing, and yes, Riot hasn't made it easy for Gameplay-balance to be a thing. But I don't think I am wrong if I say that the truly skilled players could do more than grab popcorn and watch us fun-players, younglings and angery bepis duke it out over what we want nerfed the most based on our subjective view only. --- TL;DR Gameplay would be much less of a shitposting source if high-skilled players would help create more constructive posts and if content creators would take champion reviews, opinions and overall rating seriously again and stop clickbait for fun. At least, I think so. I could be wrong, I accept the reality of it. But I do think that more active engagement from the smart folks of this game would help.
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