Smurfs ruining games

Okay, everyone knows that smurfs ruin a lot of peoples experiences in League of Legends. So why doesn't Riot do anything about it? I understand that if you are silver smurfing in bronze then who cares. That isn't bad. It's when you have people of a way higher rank playing in a low tier it ruins games. In many other games I play, the company bans smurfs because everyone knows it makes the game more toxic. I have heard people use the excuse that you can't know for sure whether or not someone is smurfing. That is a pretty garbage excuse. When he is level 32 and has only played 3 games total in two years, but gets 10 farm per minute and lands every skill shot and carries the game, we can be pretty sure he is a smurf from a lot higher than silver... And on top of that Riot has the ability to check MAC addresses or just skill level and knows when multiple accounts are being played on the same PC anyway. Riot has said before that they can reliably figure out within a short amount of time when someone is smurfing. Here is a tidbit strait from Riot: "For example, one of the teams that works on meta-game systems developed pretty good detection methods that quickly separate new players from experienced smurf accounts in the early levels. Within a few matches, smurf accounts only end up playing against other smurf accounts." Okay, great they can figure out quickly when someone is smurfing and then they match them against other smurfs. The problem here is that isn't even a 50% solution. There will never be a game where the only players in it are smurfs, or if that does happen it is a unicorn. And that is only likely to happen in normals where the matchmaking system is more loose. Then you take it to ranked. Riot knows this person is a smurf but, every game I have played where there is a smurf, there is usually only one. So that makes Riot's solution, putting smurfs in games with other smurfs, a useless one. Then all the players on the opposite team have a much harder (in some cases impossible) task of winning the game. Then I have heard the excuse that because smurfs climb quicker than most other players you won't encounter very many. That's a great thought, except that there are so many smufs you probably won't encounter the SAME smurf again...oh they forgot to add that part... So if Riot can reliably determine when someone is smurfing, which they can, why won't they stop it? Especially when you have very high ranking players dropping into Iron, bronze, or silver to make some video for youtube. Why do those players have to be punished and have less fun playing the game just so someone can get some views on youtube. There is way more toxicity in a game with a smurf than there is in most games without one. Riot claims to want to stop the community from being toxic but wont actively stop one of the most toxicity inducing areas of the game. On top of all that, you can post in the boards on this website saying you are a smurf looking to carry people, or that you are looking for a smurf to carry you and none of those people get stopped, or it takes a very long time if they are taken down at all. Riot couldn't say any clearer that they don't care at all about lower ranked people getting screwed over. The only smurfs I have heard of getting stopped are smurfs who cheated consistently in ranked on their main account. That is a lot of conditions to be met to ban a smurf don't you think? There seems to be a simple solution to this problem... Why not stop smurfs, who Riot has admitted they can find easily, from posting on the forums then also ban smurf accounts, just like so many other games do. Or at the very least, just stop smurfs from playing ranked. If they want to play in norms then fine. It doesn't really matter if you lose a normal. And I understand that some smurfs play norms with their low ranked friends, good for them sounds nice. Just don't come play ranked.
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