Holy hell Nexus Blitz

I missed the last round of Nexus Blitz, so, first impressions for me are this: ------------------- Riot employee 1: "Alright people, we need a new game mode, what should we do?" Employee 2: "5v5 on Treeline?" Employee 1: "Nah, we had 6v6 on Treeline in the past. Next!" Employee 3: "What if we worked with Doombots again?" Employee 1: "We've done enough with Doombots. Next!" Intern straight out of high school: "BrInG bAcK uRf!" Employee 1: "Shut up Jhonny. Next!" Employee 4: "What if we just combined all of the game modes we've made in the past into 1 game mode?" Employee 2: .... Employee 3: ... Intern Jhonny: "That's stu..." Employee 1: "That's brilliant! Why haven't we thought of that before? Get to work people!" ---------- Seriously though, it feels like everything Riot has tried in the past has some sort of influence here in Nexus Blitz. 6v6 on Treeline (5v5 on a condensed map) Doombot mechanics (AoE Blitz hook, Loot Teemo/Veigar) Ascension/URF (large buff on killing streak) Nexus Siege (sled blows up a structure) Poro King (self explanatory) 2v2/1v1 (prize fight) But also a few new things, such as their own version of a Battle Royal, and the Scutte Crab race. This game mode is nuts, and I'd actually like to see it become a permanent mode. It's a nice middle ground between ARAM and SR. Though, admittedly, Twisted Treeline may suffer the most if it does become a permanent game mode, since it is already struggling. Despite that though, great fricken job, Riot. This game mode is fantastic.
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