Does Riot realize what they've done?

Not only did they piss off the men, the women I see are genuinely uncomfortable as well, and to top it off - I haven't seen this point made yet - a good chunk of women probably didn't attend specifically because they couldn't attend with their male friends or boyfriends. What the fuck was riot thinking? Women and men often attend things together and I don't know a woman on the planet who would ever alienate someone she holds close like that by leaving them outside the panel. They didn't just alienate men, they also basically alienated women too to some degree. We didn't ask for this special treatment, nor are we weak and need protection. Honestly, Riot's just having a laugh at our expense at this point. This isn't about what time men were allowed either. This is about riot's sexual harassment being exposed at the workplace, and the employees who did it still work there, and now riot feels the need to condescendingly cater to women as special snowflakes, demeaning us and making us look like we need that special treatment because in no other situation would we be able to succeed in the workplace except to exclude men. Because men are that threatening. We complain about sexual harassment, and this condescending display is what we get for opening up. Equality will never exist at this point.
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