Riot, fix your system and start to do something against TROLLS! (proofs below) I don't think that i should talk about how bad the banning system is but i will do. In the first picture you can see a guy who was trolling 6 rankeds in a row bought only shoes and he was inting. We all reported him but because i was so toxic i got a permaban. I admit it... i should not flame that hard. It happened years ago but even after this 6 trolled rankeds he played many many games till he got his perma because he didn't play since 2016. While the inting and trolling with only shoes was obvious dear Riot didn't care about at all but i got my ban because HOW DARE I flame a guy just ruined my ranked with no reason? I made another acc and I'm still playing this game. I had many players like him but yesterday i got another obvious troll: he was a Cho'gath in the enemy team. He was only dancing in the middle of the map, inting until he died 10 times then went afk. When i asked him why is he doing this he just replied: "Do i need a reason?". He confessed ingame that he was trolling for fun, without any reason. Even said this after the game. I made a printscreen about him also and sent to Riot support and i got a message that they will investigate this case. The guy played 9 games since my team and his own team reported him. He was inting, only dancing, only bought tears of goddess items and even admitted that he trolled with no reason. You know what is ironic? After i called him as a "fcking idiot who's ruining other's game with no reason" i got a chatban for 10 games :D He could troll obviously and got nothing... How do i know that he got nothing? He was not flaming. Almost never said anything only when we asked. So he couldn't get chatban. He could also get leaverbuster... but he wasn't that kind of afk. So what is left? The ban. Of course he is still playing so he didn't get any punishment for this. Since these cases i'm collecting printscreens about these guys to prove Riot that their system needs something.... who the hell know. Once i got another chatban for saying "BUCS OF RETEK" and "MAJOMPARÁDÉ" for my premades.... the first one means "bunch of raddish" and the other is something like "monkeyparty". These were only known by us, jokes from the school. Also no one of them is so offensive... But if anyone dares to troll, int or ruin games with no reason that's OK! I hope Riot will see this and i'm not stopping collecting these images. I love this game but i hate the community and I want it to reach it's goal: a good game with strategy and teamspirit! (Sorry for my english, i'm a hungarian guy) Thank you if you read it!
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