goodbye daniel wont miss you

Two Riot Employees Leave Under Complicated Circumstances After PAX Session Excluding Men
In the wake of public allegations that Riot Games has fostered a sexist workplace culture, two longtime employees exited the company yesterday under hazy circumstances. Systems designer Daniel Klein and communications associate Mattias Lehman-both outspoken advocates for gender diversity at Riot-are no longer working at the company following a contentious weekend involving a controversial PAX West panel. also shown here on daniel's official twitter has left the company for good now its your turn riot compensation or refunds for all the men that went to your event only to get turned away EDIT: never liked your champ designs pre nerf azir was fucking cancer taliyah now is so oppressive in the jungle and mid lane kayn is so unfun to play around when you're against him and tahm kench dont even get me started on that 1

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