Anime is never funny

I have friends and acquaintances and friends of friends who have been succumbed to anime and become weebs. I patiently listened and held back my tears when they recounted their experiences with anime, their opinions on japanese culture (or what they think it is, based on anime), and which oddly-named characters they've chosen as their waifus. It’s heartbreaking. In the United States, a young white or asian-american male becomes a weeb every two minutes, and yet people continue to think that making jokes about anime as being funny. It’s not. Some people say it’s because I “just can’t take a joke,” or I need to “lighten up” and get “a better sense of humor.” My sense of humor is fine, but thanks for checking. We need to stop asking “who is your waifu" and start showing compassion. We need to stop forcing victims to stay weebs because of “jokes” and instead encourage victims to be brave and come forward and speak to anti-anime advocates such as myself about how anime has affected their lives. There is a fine line and once it is crossed there is no going back. You can never truly forget the fact that someone you know has been lost to the vile clutches of anime.
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