I'm terrible at choosing stuff,help me pick a champ buy

Ok.I know this is a topic that gets spammed on the boards over,and over,and over again,but right now,i'm really desperate.I have been making list,after list of champs that i should play based on play rates,win rates,ban rates,sub classes,but i have reached a kind of a grey area.So I wanted to see what other people think from a different perspective. The champs i am looking for is someone to learn how to jungle and top.Someone straight forward,but a high enough skill ceiling that i can always learn more about jungling.Oh,and the same for top too.Any champs that are multi role get bonus points.To shed some light on my play style,i would say i'm a very passive guy,don't like to engage too much unless its poke,or i'm fed so i know I can win the trade no matter what.So that's why i want to learn how to jungle.So i know how to be more aggressive and have more map awareness.Just in case you need,here's my OP.GG summoner page. na.op.gg/summoner/userName=LennyVV My most played champs,are {{champion:63}} ,{{champion:51}} ,{{champion:18}} and {{champion:12}} .Well.Guess that's it.
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