Is Riot placing TROLL/NEGATIVE people in promotional games on purpose?

It's been several times that i make it to promos and the previous games are "easy" to play (teammates focusing in objectives, being optimist, whatever makes a **G**ood **G**ame) but once i make it to my promos there is always a troll or a negative player that makes it so hard to win. It is impressive how many times this have happened to me. I'm not aware of how the game chooses which people to play in your games, it feels like the program sees you are doing good so it pairs you with the people who isn't so you them (?), but there is a big difference between bad players and troll/negative players (which are the type of people i'm getting in my promos). Then, if somehow you manage to carry on, to win your promos, the next 3, 4 games YOU WILL get these kind of people anyways and get demoted. I'm oppening this discusion to know if this problem happens only to **LOW ELO** players or if it happens in all ranks and **¿HOW OFTEN? ** Or maybe i'm just the **UNLUCKIEST PLAYER** in NA server :/
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