@Riot Any news about him?

{{champion:72}} when is his VGU is finally coming? People been waiting ages to see the predator scorpion on the field. Nontheless, whenever his VGU happens, Skarner should be more dueler than a tank, something like Warwick mix with Hecarim. *) As for his Q, Skarner should use his pincers to break the armors of the target by heavily smashing them with his pincers, that's one of his abilities. *) As a shield ability on W, I can't say anything against that, the idea of the crystaline exoskeleton on him does make sense. *) As for his E, a ranged attack doesn't make sense really. How about a dashing ability to hit minions on front line, and the champions, and he grabs the first champion hit for 1.5 second and able to move, just like his ultimate but a bit different. *) As for his ultimate R, Skarner should use his stinger to instantly damages the target in a melee combat and puts a venom inside the target, the sting does a flat true damage scales with ad, and the venom deals % true damage of the target's hp over amount of time. if the target dies while Skarner's venom on him It refreshes the cooldown of his other 3 skills instantly when they are on cooldown. That way the old cooldown passive is restored, but when the target dies from his ultimate. *) As for his passive, well you think of it Riot. I just gave ideas on how he is suppose to play as a scorpion predator in the field of Summoners rift. I'll give an example of my opinion about how his passive might want to look like in his playstyle. **Passive [ Shuriman Curse ]**: Whenever Skarner hits the target with his Q or auto attacks, he'll apply a crystalline curse on the target, the crystalline curse allows skarner to heal for 8/10/12% of all sources of damage he deals to the target he is attacking. However, the crystalline Curse will allow Skarner to use his ultimate on the target marked by his passive. Something like this passive could greatly support his lore and his theme being the scorpion of Shurima. Thanks!
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