Malphite ult is broken but can be fixed

Malphite, ah Malphite... This champ is as hatable as a champ can be. Played AP, his damage is ridiculous and he can 100-0 anyone at level 6 or 8, his synergy with Luden is beyond broken, his Q deals too much damage for an ability that, if we read it's effect, is supposed to be a MOVEMENT SPEED STEAL, not a 35% HP taker with 1 item. Malph can force any laner he faces into wasting time buying a hexdrinker/negatron, loosing 1300 or 720 gold for their powerspike. His ult can't be blocked by Braum's E, which is absurd because Braum's E blocks ALL INCOMNG DAMAGE from the direction it is cast in. Including this 300-800 stupid MASSIVE AOE LIVING MISSILE that can combo into QE for instant kill, with a MASSIVE RANGE. Amumu AP may have a little more damage, but he needs to land a skillshot with little hitbox and it can be blocked by any spellshield or Braum's E or Yasuo's wind wall. Amumu's balanced. Malph can buy wooglet or zhonya with rilay or any AP/HP item and increase both damage and tanking. This way, his abilities deal tons of damage without sacrificing anything and gaining stasis. HP mage items are even better on Malph than on mages. Actually, it seems like every single recent AP item has been designed around Malphite to make him broken. Just nerf Malphite's AP ratios and he could buy 600 AP and still not outdamage a bruiser, which he's not supposed to since he's A PEEL CC TANK. Try to give Naut as much damage as Malph and see if people don't complain.
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