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Okay so due to events in my life I've had, from May to this day severe anxiety, coming to terms with it slowly but surely. But one thing I really don't want to give up is League, but due to the anxiety I can't focus on my games 100% and often end up feeding my lane, and I just end up thinking that I'm a nuisance to my team rather than thinking "Camille is super fun and I'm enjoying my time". Due to this I end up playing like Hashinshin (love his streams tho) of all the people, laning is a coin toss and in the end game I end up doing well. I used to play ADC from S4 onwards and I do well in bot, but {{champion:164}} has become my OTP, and ADC in S8 isn't that fun anymore, but now the subject is steering into a whole new kind of matter. So yeah, what do you say, should I quit LoL again or try to keep up with the feeding and enjoy this hobby?
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