I'm really tired of the champions I enjoy being gutted because Riot won't listen.

First it was Poppy, who was entirely fine, but Riot goes ahead and massively buffs her to the point she's permapick/ban in LC$, and she needs to be gutted, and lost half of the intricacies in her kit. Poppy mains were pleading the whole time to not go through with the buffs, but were entirely ignored. Then it was Taliyah. Her mains could play her fine, and even did really well, but she wasn't a braindead champ, so Riot had to go and fix that. Despite her mains demonstrating her being broken with the changes, they were ignored and Riot went ahead anyway. She was then pick/ban in LC$, and had to be gutted and lose parts of her kit -- big surprise. Then a similar thing happened with Ornn, when Riot decided to make his W do max health damage instead of current. Ornn mains already had perfectly fine winrates and stats, but Riot needed to sell him more, so they went ahead anyway. What happened? Oh, weird, he became broken and had to lose half his kit's complexity so Riot could balance him. Now it's happening with Yuumi. She had a low winrate on release, so Riot overbuffed her, and then she's gotten nothing but nerfs since -- and with the "rework" on PBE, she's going to lose her identity as a champ and be nothing more than an AFK Soraka pack. Mains have given plenty of suggestions to make her more tolerable without gutting her or destroying her identity as a champ, but, as usual, they are ignored. So, my question is: Why are champ mains ignored? I think they know how the champ works, and probably play more than Rioters do. Even if you only ask diamond+ players, that's still a far better source than Riot/Tencent HQ, where the game comes last. I'm just tired of seeing the champs I enjoy be destroyed.
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