Twitch Icon - Current vs. Alternates, which is better?

I'm still of the opinion that the current Twitch Icon needs to go and I won't stop trying until it's gone. However to further reinforce my point I'll be giving examples and comparisons to show both just how bad the current image is and how good alternate ones would be: **[Current]( vs [Elementalist Lux](** **[Current]( vs [Star Guardian Ahri](** **[Current]( vs [Yasuo](** **[Current]( vs [Captain Fortune](** **[Current]( vs [Team Builder Splash](** My point? Take any good splash, put the League of Legends logo on it and it'll be 10x better than the current Twitch Icon. Please, for the sake of marketing purposes and getting more League players/Twitch viewership, help me get the icon changed. Side Note: [It's on the front page of Reddit _again_]( with more ideas than just the ones I posted here. There's plenty of stuff that could replace the current icon, just need to show support for a change.
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