I honestly feel bad for the Rioters who are trying to do right.

Like I honestly know as a whole every single Rioters isn't shitty but it's like the most known ones blur out everything the few good ones do. But the Rioters that do read boards, and listen and speak up during balance meetings, and try to get more skins for champions that are less popular but get shut down. The guys working on servers and maintenance. The janitor too. And the data analysts. The shoutcasters and the Rioters willing to apologize for mistakes. Even the Rioters that follow our Twitters and admit to laughing at out memes are the coolest. I'm sorry we forget that not all Rioters are Tencent lapdogs and most are people working a job. Edit: I'm sorry I forgot the recruiters too! Let me know if I miss anyone.

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