Unpopular Opinion: The Boards are just an echo chamber, so Riot more or less ignores them.

And rightfully so. I don't play this game anymore for many reasons. Not just that I didn't agree with the direction the game was going in, but also because other new games captivated me in a similar way that league used to. I basically just lurk here because I find the whining and crying of the boards to be oh so funny. Reading complaint posts that usually have no basis other than the OP's emotions really cracks me up. "Nerf this because I can't beat it!" "I think the game sucks so it does!" "RIOT CATER TO ME" I'm sorry to say, but these boards are just basically used for the vocal minority to spout their anger and frustrations about the game. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, and it's a healthy option for people to have. I fully believe that having a board where you can rant about how much you don't like the game to vent your frustration so you can focus better in your next games is a good thing. However, the issue arises when people take things so seriously here. Some users genuinely believe that their ideas are fully correct and that there are no %%%%%s in their armor. A lot of people who post here and get upvotes aren't actually making good points. They're usually just doing exactly what I did here. Posting an opinion that is "unpopular" yet common knowledge just to farm upvotes. Maybe they actually do think that Riven is OP and ruining the game (I don't play anymore so I wouldn't know), but the way the issue is brought up isn't in the form of "I think X because Y, and Z shows that Y is true, therefore validating X". They kinda just say "I think X. X is right. Upvote me". Think about it this way: Let's assume that Yasuo is balanced. This is purely hypothetical. I have no way of really knowing, as, like I said, I don't play anymore. Player A loses a game to a fed Yasuo, and comes to the boards to complain about Yasuo. No problems yet, all fine and dandy. Player B also loses a game to a fed Yasuo, and comes to the boards to complain about Yasuo. No problems yet. Players C-Z also lose a game to a fed Yasuo, and come to the boards to complain about Yasuo. Still no problems. Now there's about 5 different posts about how Yasuo is too strong and nerfs are required. All fine, no problems here. Yasuo is balanced, so they will be ignored right? No. The hive-mind of Yasuo haters get one post full of "NERF YAS PLZZ RIOT FIX NOW", and all of sudden you get large amount of players who all think that Yasuo is broken as fuck because their team let him get fed and carry complaining about him and demanding nerfs, when in reality there's no problem. He got fed so he won. That's how the game works. Yet, even though people know this that post will go viral and the boards will collectively bash Riot for not fixing the problem while Reddit is complaining about something else, and normal players are doing what normal players do and not give a flying fuck. Now you have this hive-mind that is trashing Riot and calling the game trash because they lost to something. This happens in every competitive game ever, so it's not unique to League. Go to any other game forums/Subreddit and you'll find the same stuff. The problem here is that the Boards are just fostering this type of hive mind hate that Riot doesn't deserve. Riot notices this, and decides that the best way to deal with it is to just let it burn out on it's own; give it 5 days and the boards will move onto something else. I'm sure that the boards are a meme at Riot HQ and they laugh at you daily for calling their balance team trash (Honestly, I'd say they're not doing the best work they have, but that's not the point). Basically the point I'm trying to make is that the people who tend to post here tend to whine and cry and not have any form of actual discussion. That being said, I have seen and been involved in numerous good, well centered discussions here on the boards either dealing about balance, real life events, art & design, music, etc. etc. The boards are not ONLY whiny cry babies, there are genuine good people who come here to have genuine discussions about the content in the game and other topics. For that reason I believe that the boards should exist. However, I think that the people around here need to wake up and realize that Riot doesn't listen to the boards very much not because they're inherently wrong, but because you don't present your problems in a fashion that fosters respectful, intellectual conversation. There are good points here on the boards all day every day, and there's an awesome community of people here to share those ideas. However, the ideas that rise to the front of the boards aren't the ones that are presented in a formal fashion. What rises to the top of the boards are whiny posts that just complain without much substance, and those then spawn more posts bitching out Riot about how they don't listen to you. THOSE POSTS ARE THE REASON RIOT DOESN'T LISTEN TO YOU. If a child said "I don't like cheese so you gotta ban it! WAHHHHHHHHHHH" to the FDA, is the FDA going to listen? No. If a respectable adult said "I think that cheese should be banned for these reasons", is the FDA going to listen? Probably. They might not agree or act on what the person says, but their voice will be heard and considered. In other words, it isn't that Riot doesn't agree with you or is actively fighting against you, but they simply don't listen to children. We don't make executive decisions based upon the crying of a child, we make decisions based upon real conversations and debates that have proof and evidence behind them and which are presented in a respectful manner. So if you want Riot to listen to you, stop whining, stop crying, stop acting like children. Present your issues in a diplomatic fashion and the chances of them listening to you skyrockets. Now if you wan't to rant and whine about a problem you have and you don't care if Riot listens , you just want to get something off your chest, by all means go ahead. The people on the boards are here to listen to you and they'll probably validate your issues, which is really why you're here. Not to actually get Riot to listen, but to be human and demand that your problems are validated. The human ego LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES feeling validated, and that's a valid reason to bitch about whatever the hell you want to bitch about. Just understand that your bitching is not what Riot is going to listen to. It's what your peers are going to listen to and throw their own voice into. Riot is going to take the real conversations and debates into consideration, not your sop story. If you want to rant, this is the place. If you want to be validated by your peers, this is place. That's exactly what I'm doing right now, I have no facts to back myself up, I have no evidence, no basis. I'm venting my frustrations out in hopes that someone here will validate my opinion, just as most of the posts here are doing. There's NOTHING wrong with that. That's the way it is. This is supposed to also be the place for those who want to discuss the state of the game in a diplomatic manner. However, the hive-mind echo chamber that this place has become hinders that. People who seek actual discussion probably don't come here for the same reason that Riot doesn't. You aren't going to find a lot of that here _easily_. It's there, but it's hard to find. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. The real, true, meaning discussion gets drowned out by the hatred and frustration that a lot of the posts here represent. The boards are fairly dead now compared to what they were. I rarely see a post get above 150 upvotes, when in the past your average FoTM circle-jerk would net 150+ easily. I'm sure that's a byproduct of Reddit's existence and the general attitude of the boards. So go on, complain, whine, cry, act like a child. People here will listen to you. Riot won't. If you don't care if they do, by all means vent your heart out, but if you want them to listen you have to be more civilized. That's a long ass post that basically defeats it's own purpose because I'm doing exactly what I'm arguing against, but hey it's okay I'm lonely and bored and have nothing better to do :) TL;DR: If you want Riot to listen to you, the boards, then you have to be more thorough in your reasoning, more calm and collected in your presentation, and overall act more adult-like. I'm not trying to insult anyone, I think that most of the people here are great people who have no ill-intent and are simply frustrated by the game state, and I get it. I was frustrated as hell too when I stopped playing and was doing the same shit. You just have to understand that Riot does value your input, but your flurry of words and attacks on them ruin whatever point you're trying to make. Telling the baker that he sucks ass at making bread won't make him make better bread. He will ignore you and continue making his shitty bread until someone politely suggests that he improves his bread, and gives him pointers on how. Ya'll got some great ideas around here, you just present them in an angry way that distracts from the actual point and deters Riot's open ears. Another thing I forgot to mention that I want to harp on is the duality of the boards. There are some real great discussions littered into this tsunami of frustration. The boards are here to serve both purposes, but it's near impossible to balance the two in a way that those who are only here for the good discussions and debates can find that content easily, and those who are here only to vent don't get in the way of that, but also still feel valued. I'm sure there's an answer to this problem out there, but I have yet to come up with it myself. I'm not quite sure how Riot should handle that. My best idea would be creating two fully separate areas of the boards. G&B, and GD. Gameplay being the real meaty discussions, and GD being the venting forums. Both audiences could find what they want. Those who want to discuss can discuss and those who want to feel validated can go get their opinions validated by others who have the same frustration. Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.
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